What you are Supporting


Camino Copalita is a social enterprise operated by the 9 agrarian and Zapotec communities of the Southern Oaxacan Sierra. These communities make up the watershed of the Copalita River Valley, and have joined their efforts to ensure the preservation of their biodiversity, clean water and fertile soil. They have aptly named their group of communities SICOBI: Community Biodiversity System.

By joining a Copalita Trail journey, you not only experience the beauty of agrarian communities first hand, but you support their efforts to preserve this biome, along with it´s traditions, and sustainable food production practices, which include shade coffee of the highest worldwide ranking, GMO and agrochemical free corn, honey, tomatoes, beens, and avocados. 

Camino Copalita´s goals also include empowerment of women within the communities.  Tourism committees are headed and operated by women, which means they have a voice and vote in the design of the project and in the handling of the revenues . Additionally, the project is creating an incentive to return to native food sources and revalue their heritage.

Camino Copalita was designed with Fair Trade principles, meaning that 60% of the trip cost will directly benefit the communities involved.