Day 1: Sunday. Hiking: Optional

We leave Oaxaca City at 9am. We´ll drive through the beautiful Sierra Madre for approx. 4 hours until we reach the first community in our itinerary.

This is an agrarian community deep in the mountains, whose economic activities include organic honey, coffee, tomatoes, avocado production, as well as a fully sustainable community-owned logging company

We´ll have breathtaking views of the mountains, and witness a great example of a well organized, progressive community with an above average quality of life. We´ll savor local flavors in the camp located inside their community forest. For those wanting to stretch their legs, an optional hike to the highest peak of Oaxaca is available. 

Day 2: Monday. Hiking time: 5 hours. Difficulty: Easy

After breakfast, 2 community guides will take us along the pine and fir forests to the next community. This trail crosses through the sustainable forestry parcels and includes great views from mountain ledges.

Lunch at 12:30, arrive at camp at approx 3:30pm. 

Day 3: Tuesday. Hiking time: 9-10 hours. Difficulty:  HARD. 

Throughout this trail not only will we encounter beautiful landscapes, butwe will also experience the biological diversity of the area and see how different products are harvested under different climate zones.  This is a Zapotec community and that is the common dialect used to communicate amongst its people.  We will not cross the town of SFO, however, we will meet members of its community along the way.

The trail continues until we reach the bottom of the ravine where cross over to the next community.  This is also a Zapotec community, and it can only be reached by foot.  Here we will rest alongside the river and change guides.  From this point on, because we will cross the river at different points, it is highly recommended to wear waterproof shoes.  We will also have a chance to swim and relax in the river.

Day 4: Wednesday. Hiking time: 6 Hours. Difficulty: Moderate

We will follow the river and cross through areas of mango, coffee, guanacastles and ceiba trees.  We will be accompanied by guides from the next community, where we will spend most of the day.

Arrival at camp at around 4:30 pm.  We´ll be spending the afternoon at  a paradisiacal fresh water spring where we will have a chance to swim.  We will also visit cave paintings found in that area that trace back thousands of years.

Day 5: Thursday. Hiking Time: 5 hoursDifficulty: Low.

Today we will walk through an impressive Guanacastle tree forest and an abandoned coffee plantation. We are now in coastal vegetation, very humid, very green, and very dense.

We will arrive at the last community ataprox. 4 pm. Here they are also coffee growers, but in addition have bamboo plantations, and more uniquely a bromelia and medicinal plant project operated by the knowledgeable women of the community

Day 6: Friday. Hiking time: 45 mins. Rowing time: 6 hoursDifficulty: Low.

We will walk down to the Copalita River where rafts  or kayaks will be waiting for us.

We will row for for 4-6 hours until we reach La Bocana Beach, located in Huatulco. La Bocana is a huge beach occupied only by a small fish restaurant and a few surfers.